Training Eyebrow Modeling by Henna + Henna Kit

NB! Training for experienced masters only!

Our individual course lasts up to 2 hours and will cover:

1. Theory

• Technology of modeling eyebrows by henna. Comparative characteristics of analog products.

• Advantages of henna

• Procedure steps

• Health and safety guidance, contra-indications

• Equipment products to use for application

• Client care and homecare advice

2. Practice part

• Eyebrow modeling by henna on live model.

International Certificate will be issued after successful completion of training.

Henna Kit includes:

• Brown #1 - Neutral Brown, sachet (10 ml/6 gr);

• Brown #2 - Cold Coffee, sachet (10 ml/6 gr);

• Brown #3 - Rich Taupe, sachet (10 ml/6 gr);

• Brush