Eyebrow threading training

NB! Training for experienced masters only!

Our individual course lasts up to 2 hours and will cover:

1. ‪Theory‬

• Shaping eyebrows according to face structure • Eyelash/eyebrow structure and growth phases • Eyebrow threading technique • Procedure steps • Health and safety guidance, contra-indications • Products to use for application • Client care and homecare advice

2.  ‪Practice part (model can come with you or come later ‬60 minutes, If you can't find the model, please let us know as soon as possible. We can find the model for additional fee 10 EUR)

• Eyebrow threading on live model

One day eyebrow threading course costs:

Training + Threading Kit (spool of thread+comb brush) = 82 EUR.

International Certificate will be issued after successful completion of training.